Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekly Weigh-in (Round 2) : Ready to start again

Starting weight: 192.0  lbs (7/13)
New Starting weight: 179.5 lbs (4/14)
Week 1 weight: 179 lbs (loss of 0.5)
Week 1 inches lost: No measurements taken this week
Week 1 Steps/Miles: I don't have an accurate step count yet because my Fitbit is not syncing correctly, but I know I hit my 10K steps three days in a row earlier last week and came really close all the other days, I ran a combined total of 5 miles, went on a short bike ride and went skiing a week ago.  A very nice uptick in activity.
Week 1 avg. calorie intake: Didn't count... :(
Moment I am proud of: I have the most uncontrollable craving for chips and salsa from Chili's.  Back in my single days (all sevens months of them... ;) I would stop and pick some up to-go like 3x a week.  I stopped for awhile, and then pregnancy cravings hit...  I haven't picked them up to-go for ages, but ever since Christmas I've been there like 5 times.. :(  Major cravings... It's difficult to even write about it - I'm salivating!!!!  Anyway..  I almost pulled into their parking lot 3 times this week, but each time I just kept on going.  It took every ounce of will power, I tell ya.  I need to change up my driving route so I don't even go by there.  I swore up and down I would never go back over the 180 threshold, and - as you can read - I am dangerously close!  That is motivation enough.  I'm trying to get to the bottom of the craving, and I think I am just in the throes of a major salty/sweet/salty/sweet see-saw.
Nutritional changes/observations: So yes - there is the salty/sweet cycle going on, and a major carb-loading period during the cold months that I am trying to get away from.  I feel it loosening its grip as the weather warms... I want more fresh stuff and less dense and creamy stuff.
What hurts: nothing really in relation to increased activity, which is a plus!  My shoulder has been aching lately, and my dang hip has never really stopped hurting.  I use a heated rice bag multiple times a day - almost every time I sit for a long period of time.  I still have this weird numbing thing that happens in the ball of my left foot.  That doesn't feel so good while running.
Confessional: I am having an impossible time kicking the 3-4 cups of coffee habit I've got going right now.. :(  It's tied directly to sweet cravings.  I am thinking that the warming weather will put a damper on wanting something hot to drink, but then there is the sweet tea demon waiting in the wings...
Deep thoughts from exercise delirium: When you transition from walking to running, why are those first 100-200 ft. so rough?  It feels like my body is going to fall apart!  After that it feels much better, except that my rear end just bounces all over the place.  I don't like that feeling - that's a lot of extra weight I am carrying around!
My goal for next week: reduce my daily caloric intake

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